It’s still cold outside even as the daylight hours grow longer (thank goodness!).  Spring cannot come fast enough.  I’ve reached that point where I’m just really bored.  Maybe it’s cabin fever, maybe it’s just the time of the year, but I’ve just about had it with the gloominess here and even food isn’t interesting to me.

I’ve gone to the grocery store multiple times and at this point, I’m in danger of having food left over in my fridge again.  I just can’t figure out what would taste good.  Usually, chocolate solves the problem or a new recipe, but at this point even all the baked goods aren’t looking that interesting to me.  What’s worse is that caffeine doesn’t affect me the same way that it used to, so no happy caffeine highs.  (Plus, I’m trying to avoid caffeine.)

The only moderately interesting food news that I have for you is that I ate rice all day today and I’ve started drinking tart cherry juice in the hopes that I can tame my weird sleep patterns into submission.  We shall see.

So, this concludes my whiny post about why I haven’t posted anything at all up here lately.  I’ll be back when it’s spring.


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