Happy Spring…Officially.

Happy Spring!  I said I’d be back when it was spring, so here I am.  This time I have food for you. Well, photos of food.


This is what I made for a very late lunch.  The lunch I had after spending close to $150 at the grocery store.  I should not be allowed to shop in grocery stores unsupervised.  There are just too many interesting and novel things that I want to try out.

So, what exactly did I make for lunch?  It’s a twist on the paleo pad thai recipe from Health Bent.  I talked about this recipe the first time I tried it in an earlier post.

The changes:

  1. Lemon Instead of Lime – I didn’t have any limes on hand and didn’t feel like going out to buy one.
  2. Justin’s Honey Almond Butter instead of regular almond butter – The first time I made this recipe I used raw almond butter from MaraNatha and the result was super tasty.  The second time I used roasted almond butter from MaraNatha and the result was less tasty.  The third time I used Justin’s Maple Almond Butter and it was fantastic.  The fourth time I used some creamy peanut butter and it was less tasty.  I’ve decided to use Justin’s Almond Butters from now on.  They just taste better to me than the other almond butters that I’ve tried.
  3. Kelp Noodles – I bought this brand today at the grocery store.  After a quick rinse, I dumped the whole thing into the pan after the zucchinis had a chance to get wilted.  So, this was an addition to the original recipe.
  4. Smoked Duck Breast – I bought one made by D’Artagnan from the grocery store.  After, an attempt to make my own duck breast, I figured that buying it already made for me was a lot less hassle and frustration.


So, that was basically my lunch.  I imagine this will also be for dinner, too.

Kelp noodles are pretty interesting.  Crunchy and pretty much tasteless.  More info here.

That’s all for now.  Hopefully, this will spur me to cook some more, so I don’t starve.


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