Out of the Loop

I’ve been out of the loop for a while now.  Most of it is just stress and worry.  The biggest problem right now is getting the kitchen in my new apartment organized and clean enough to start seriously cooking.  I can’t tell you how many eggs I’ve eaten in the last four weeks.  An obscene amount.  I love eggs, but everyday for at least one, usually two, meals is just not okay.

I’m also coping with a much smaller fridge, a mini stove that has pilot lights, and no counter space.  Seriously, there is just enough counter space for a dish drying rack and a small cutting board.  Who lives like that?!  People who don’t cook, that’s who!  I’ve remedied this problem with a kitchen island-cart from Ikea, but now my problem is that the cheap, possibly defective, finish they used on the island is stinking up my kitchen.  I’m not sure how to get rid of the smell.  Suggestions, advice, anyone??

I might have had small kitchen before, but this takes the cake.  Don’t even get me started on the lack of cabinets and the state of disgustingness that I found this apartment in when I moved in.

In much happier news, I just tried a wild boar pork steak that my sister brought home for me, courtesy of some very generous people who heard that I was envious of my sister having some and sent some along for me.  They also sent me some excellent sweet sausage that is already all gone and some pork loins.  I said a while back I wasn’t eating pork again because of the potential to mess with my body biology, but lately, I’ve been eating a lot of pork.  That’s what’s been around at the farmer’s market and I’m not about to turn down gifts of wild boar.  Come on now.

Once the bounty is exhausted, I will in all likelihood scale back to eating bacon on occasion.  I’ve already started my plans to shift back to less pork by buying some ground goat at the farmer’s market today.  My freezer is also stocked with sockeye salmon and shrimp.

Now, if only I could find something inspiring to get me out of my food and cooking rut, I’ll be all set.

I apologize, dear readers, for the lack of photos and for my streak of ranting posts of late.  I promise to try and cook and have photos to show you in the near future.  Cross your fingers…and maybe your toes, too, for good measure.


6 responses to “Out of the Loop

  • Gracie May

    I eat at least 2 eggs a day. Sometimes 4. I don’t know where I’d be without eggs…
    If all goes well here at our new home, I hope to get some of our own chickens in the next couples years. I LOVE EGGS!!!! And if my kids love eggs as much as I do, then we will go through an insane amount. Little Mercy is already liking eggs and at the risk of sounding like a bad mother, I kinda don’t like sharing my eggs with her. I guess I just need to fry up 3 eggs in the morning instead of 2… hahahahaha Basically we keep the local egg sellers in business.

    • koritt

      Ha ha ha. Yes, eggs are definitely awesome. I just bought some duck eggs yesterday to offset my chicken egg eating of the last few weeks. I feel like they even each other out.

      Having your own chickens and eggs sounds awesome!! Hope that works out for you.

      Be a nice mommy and give that baby an egg! Even those nutritionists who think that grains are good call eggs the perfect food. Apparently, eggs are used as a benchmark in nutrition studies.

      • Gracie May

        Seriously? I thought everyone demonized eggs for being high in evil cholesterol? Well, maybe that’s just the vegans who can’t give up on bad science…

      • koritt

        Well, yeah, that is the social norm to demonize the cholesterol in eggs. One of my uncles though said to me once that if you eat all of something, then the different parts even out the supposedly bad parts. So like with an egg, you eat the whites and the yolks. With shrimp you eat the shells along with the meat. That last one probably sounds less tasty but apparently if you eat the shells/tails of the shrimp it supposedly negates the high cholesterol aspect of shrimp. I never did any research to verify my uncle’s claim, but it’s an interesting idea.

        Vegans are too busy revolting against bad food practices to realize that there are people there practicing good food practices and good animal care practices. I admire them for their commitment to not let people get away with bad food practices, but most vegans I know have terrible eating habits and aren’t looking at the big picture. That’s my two cents on veganism anyway.

      • Gracie May

        From what I’ve been reading about eggs (from sources I trust) is that the best way to eat them is the raw yoke from free range chickens. Apparently the whites are what cause the brunt of allergic reactions. I usually fry/steam my eggs just enough to cook the whites (I hate slimey whites) and leave the yoke runny. But I do take whole raw eggs in smoothies when I remember to. I usually forget.
        Anyway, the cholesterol in them isn’t bad for you. It’s a bunch of science blah blah that I really should get clarified in my brain so I sound like I know what I’m talking about.

      • koritt

        Oh my gosh…I don’t know how I missed this comment! I definitely eat my eggs on the runny side. Some people are grossed out by it, but I hate eggs cooked all the way…just has a chalky texture that I dislike. I still haven’t worked my way up to raw eggs. I definitely eat my fair share of eggs though, for sure.

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