Relaxing the reins

As the days get shorter, I see less and less sunlight. As the days get colder, I see less of the outdoors. While today doesn’t have much in the way of sunlight, the weather warmed up 20 degrees to a nice respectable temperature in the 50s (Fahrenheit that is).

As I sit out here on the patio of the local coffee shop, I remember a trip to Berlin one chilly March. On this trip, I remember being amazed that people were sitting outside in the cold to drink their drinks and eat their food. When I remarked on this, one of the Berliners told me that the weather was quite mild for the season and the sunshine was reason enough to sit outside after a long dreary winter.

Well, I’m not exactly bundled up out here (no mittens or ear muffs for me), I think about how I am usually inside the coffee shop watching the people outside. The overcast skies are actually in favor of sitting outside since direct sunlight usually bothers me after a short while. Plus, it’s not so nice that all the smokers are hanging out front smoking.


As you can see from my photo, I’ve relaxed the eating reins a bit, and ordered myself a New England clam chowder. I needed comfort more than I needed to avoid wheat. The rest of the meal is pretty spot on with the way I usually eat. After I enjoy some time out here and finish my coffee, I’m hoping there will be considerable earnest cooking when I get home.

My fridge is looking rather desolate and I need to get back to a regular regimen of eating and cooking. My next month will be a constant merry go round of one day on, one day off, one half day. Hopefully, I can stay relatively on track eating wise and not end up gaining weight or skeletally skinny. Those appear to be the only two op

tions from what I’ve heard of other people’s experiences.

In any case, I need to get to my coffee before it cools off to an unacceptable temperature. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends.



4 responses to “Relaxing the reins

  • Grace Lucille

    Because you posted that picture, this seems an appropriate place to mention my pickyness over salads that I order. I enjoy mixing my salad all up over and over as I eat, to get all the ingredients and dressing uniformily mixed. And they always serve my salad as a huge pile on top of a small flat plate! My lettuce goes flying off the plate everywhere! At home we have these retro big “wooden” salad BOWLS that I mix my salad in to my heart’s delight without getting food everywhere. It’s glorious. It teaches me to be thankful when I encounter restaurant salads πŸ™‚

    I haven’t had a salad in a while…

    • koritt

      Ah yes, I agree about the salad in a bowl versus salad on a plate. I wasn’t going to order this salad, but I felt I needed some greens. Sadly, I spent a good amount of time picking out greens that had gone bad. I’ve had salads at two places that serve them in big bowls and that’s where I prefer to have my salads. However, those places are rather far away at the moment.

      Sadly, I’m not a big fan of making my own salads because they require a lot of washing and even the thought of doing all that washing makes me feel cold. haha. Actually, the idea of a salad just seems cold to me. Must be the winter talking.

      Hope things are well with you! πŸ™‚

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