Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

I really should not be left to my own devices inside the co-op.  I just spent a good chunk of money buying food…well, more like buying sugar.  I’ve been craving sugar and no matter how much I ate of the good stuff, I still wanted sugar.  While I might eat and subscribe to mostly paleo/primal philosophies, I’m not a rabid diet person.  I never have been and never will be.  So if my body is saying something, I pay attention and feed it.

Between the gray weather and this need for sugar, I wandered around picking up things that appealed to me.  I ended up with a couple bars of dark chocolate, agave gummy bears, and a couple of macaroons.  In my defense, instead of buying the whole tin of macaroons, I bought two individual ones.  See?  I do have self control.

Now, I’ve done my short little confessional, I’m going to go eat real food.  I already ate my fill of gummy bears, and a macroon and now I want to eat food that’s not sugar.  See…much easier to do what my body wants than fight it.


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