Funny Eater:

People looked at me oddly back in college when I would top my salad with a scoop from the hot line.  No salad dressing, just a scoop of baked ziti or some other hot entree that was being served in the dining hall.  In my head that was healthier and tastier.  It was also the way I started eating salads more frequently.

When it comes to leftovers, I tend to eat them cold.  Although that has changed a little bit with my move to a much colder clime.  Sometimes it is just too cold outside to eat something that is fridge cold.  Most of the times though, I can’t be bothered to heat up something that tastes just fine cold.

The problem is that when you are living on your own, you don’t have a choice, you either have to eat out or cook. Welcome to Funny Eater, a blog about my funny eating and haphazard cooking.


A note about the photos:

All of the photos are mine.  I doubt that anybody wants to steal them, but just in case you’re tempted, please ask for permission.  (Look for contact info below.)  It’s the nice thing to do.  I even said, “Please.”

The photos aren’t super pretty or attractive like a lot of the lovely food blogs I visit regularly.  I wish I had the time to make pretty, pretty photos.  I don’t.  My bent on photos here is that, I’m showing you real life.  The kitchen is messy and things are done on the fly.  I’m showing you like it is.


A note about content:

All of the writing on this website, is mine and mine only.  Do not steal.  As with my photos, if you want to use content from this website, please ask for permission.  I’m not sure why you would want to steal content, but hey, it’s a weird world out there.


If you want to contact me:

E-mail me at: funnyeater@gmail.com.


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