I wanted to come up with a witty title, but it’s not happening today. Maybe sometime in the future. (I’m open to suggestions.)

It occurred to me today, that it would be a good idea to corral all the information about where I source my food.  My preference is to shop at the farmer’s market, then the co-op, and then the grocery store.  I like to shop at the farmer’s market for a million different reasons.  The short version is that I like to support people who are good people with good business practices.  I’ve listed everything in alphabetical order.

In the New York Metropolitan Area:

  1. Costco – If you’re feeding a lot of people, this is the place to shop.  The one that I frequent has organic meat choices, organic eggs, coconut water, and raw nuts.  Check out my shopping list of things I usually buy at Costco.
  2. Greenmarkets – I don’t go to these often, but they are a lot of fun to go to if you are in New York City.  They are all over the place and there are a lot of different vendors.  I have never tried to do a whole lot of grocery shopping in New York City, but the little that I have done has been cramped and not my cup of tea.  If I lived in New York, I’d be shopping at the Greenmarkets as often as possible.  Plus, they are year round!
  3. Nyack Farmers Market – A small community farmers market that I shop at out of convenience.  This is also where my happy organic farmer sells, so I’m all set.
  4. Taliaferro Farms – USDA certified organic produce. Find them at the Nyack Farmers market. A huge variety of produce. I learned about a lot of new vegetables this year by buying from this farm. My favorite find is probably the sunburst squash (or pattypan squash).

In Western New York:

  1. Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market – The market that I shop at every week.  Lots of different things going on here.  During the warmer months you might even find some entertainment in the middle of the lawn.
  2. First Light Farm and Creamery – Chèvre and cheese curds.  I actually had not ever had a cheese curd until I started stopping by here at the market.  Shopping here all started with a quest to make paleo pizza (which is not actually paleo in the strictest sense of the word since there is dairy in this pizza).  Between the cheese here and the yogurt at market, it’s pretty much a done deal that I’ll be eating dairy.  Find them at the Elmwood-Bidwell Market.  You can also buy the chèvre at the Lexington Co-op.
  3. Lexington Co-op – This is where I go to supplement my market finds.  The co-op might look small, but it’s packed with lots of goodies.  You can find a lot of local stuff including the chèvre I mentioned above and the yogurt mentioned below.  I recommend joining the co-op.  It’s well worth it.
  4. Native Offerings – A happy coincidence that I started buying from this farm.  Once I started buying my veggies from here, it’s been hard to buy veggies elsewhere.  They have a huge selection of naturally grown vegetables.  I’ve also gotten some great cooking hints and tips from the people working the stand.  Find them at the Elmwood-Bidwell Market.
  5. Painted Meadow Farms – This is where the famed rabbit meat comes from.  This is also where I buy goat meat and duck eggs.  I also buy regular chicken eggs from here when I can.  They also sell duck, turkey, and some other meats that I can’t remember right now.  I still haven’t ventured past ground goat and rabbit, but one of these days.  Find them at the Elmwood-Bidwell Market.
  6. Wegmans – Probably my favorite grocery store.  They have all the variety of a regular grocery store, but even better.  The produce section highlights local produce and makes it all look so tasty that you can’t help but eat more fruits and vegetables.  They also have a great organic products section, a good dose of gluten free items, and a large selection of just about anything you can think of.  This is where I buy my exotic meats – bison, wild boar sausage, duck.  They also have a cafe full of so many options that many people eat here.
  7. White Cow Dairy – Once you start eating the yogurt from here, you will not be able to stop.  The yogurt comes in these wonderful glass jars and the flavors are amazing.  This is not your grocery store sugar packed yogurt, but good wholesome yogurt made from wholesome ingredients.  My personal favorite is gingerberry, but pumpkin yogurt comes in a very close second.  They also sell custards, tonics, and quark.  Find them at the Elmwood-Bidwell Market.  You can also buy their products at the Lexington Co-op and Wegmans (I told you Wegmans was an awesome grocery store.).
I’ll add to this list as I go.  If you have suggestions for places for me to check out, do let me know.
**None of the above mentioned businesses asked for mention.  I put this list up because I felt like it.  I am still just as poor and will continue to be just as poor as before I put up the list.  Just thought you should know.**

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