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A Very Long Post

I should probably be in bed right about now, but I finally uploaded all the photos sitting on my camera and phone to my computer.  I also cannot take any more of the stress of knowing that I’ve taken a bunch of photos and they haven’t been posted.  So this is probably going to be the most annoyingly long post, but there will be lots of pictures.

Unfortunately, due to my neglect, most of these photos will not be in chronological order.

Let’s start with one of my favorite comfort foods/convenience foods.  Macaroni and cheese.  Now, I like to eat fancy foods, but I love Annie’s Mac and Cheese.

I started eating it in college and it still tastes so wonderful when I want to just indulge and not have to worry about the logistics of cooking.  There is definitely a lot of sodium, so I try to buy the one box that is lower sodium.  Lately, because of my attempt to keep the extra salt out of my life, I haven’t been eating much mac and cheese, but when I do, I add vegetables (usually frozen, since the theme is usually lazy when I’m eating mac and cheese).

All right, so moving right along here.  Next up is my chicken sandwich.  Now, if you don’t already know this about me, it’s probably something you should know.  I hate cooking meat.  I actually don’t really like meat to begin with, but given my crazy workout schedule and all the running around I do, I’m sure my body could use the protein and iron.  In any case, when I do try to eat some animal protein, I either eat out or have someone else cook it.

Well, my way around the cooking chicken for my chicken sandwich was to buy a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store.  I bought the chicken and then took all the meat off and put it in a plastic bag in the fridge for eating.  So, I used the chicken one day to make this fantastic sandwich.  

Two slices of farm style bread, a handful of mixed greens, chicken, cheese, black pepper.  Now, I took the cold chicken from the fridge and heated it up in the frying pan with a teeny tiny bit of olive oil and a dash of black pepper, and then melted some cheese with it.  I don’t have a toaster, so the bread was toasted on the frying pan before I heated up the chicken.  Let me just say, this is a very delicious sandwich and this picture does not convey that tastiness.  I’m getting hungry just talking about it.

We must continue our journey.  Next up, a pretty picture of my hot chocolate from a local coffee shop.

Now, I have to say, that this was the only visit to this coffee shop that resulted in such a pretty looking hot chocolate.  After that, my hot chocolates were quite plain looking.  (On a side note, I have quit caffeine and this is putting a crimp in my coffee shop / studying habits … a story for another post.)

More… so a couple of weekends ago, I went on a crazy cooking spree.  I spent over a hundred dollars at the grocery store shopping for ingredients, but I cooked four plus recipes.  My spree was prompted by my disgust at having had to resort to Lean Cuisine meals the previous couple of weeks due to exam stress.  Let’s just say that amount of salt is gross and I did not feel good.

The first dish – Giant Chipotle White Beans off of 101cookbooks.

This is probably the tastiest new recipe that I’ve tried in a while.  I cannot tell you how amazing the flavors are.  (I think the picture would look better rotated, but that is not going to happen.)

Dish two of my culinary spree was vegetarian chili off 101cookbooks, which I wrote about in a previous post (https://funnyeater.wordpress.com/2010/12/04/starving/)

Dish three was a leek soup with dill oil from 101cookbooks (Yes, I love that website and the recipes).  Sadly, I did not take photos of this.  It is well frozen in my freezer right now.  So tasty.

Dish four was pumpkin feta muffins from 101cookbooks.  Except, mine were butternut squash and not pumpkin.  These are also undocumented and sitting tasty in my freezer.

Now, after that spree, I had all these leftover ingredients and I had to make use of them.  I hate wasting food.  So I made up some variations on a theme.

First variation – cilantro pesto tossed with super pasta (it’s a whole wheat pasta that actually tastes fantastic) and peas and corn (both of the frozen variety…I just add them to the boiling noodles when there is about two minutes left on the timer).

Next variation.  I had some chickpeas and yogurt and dill.  I also had some bread and left over queso blanco.  So I turned that into an appetizer looking thing.  I melted the queso blanco on the bread in the microwave oven (I would prefer to use a toaster oven, but I do not own one) and then topped it with my chickpeas smothered in a yogurt-dill-curry-scallion-black pepper-salt concoction.  If it was not so late and I wasn’t feeling so lazy, I would actually make it more of a recipe, but it’s late and I’m feeling a little lazy, so that’s the best you’re getting out of me right now.

Okay, now for a shot into the mundane for a moment.  The following is what my breakfast on weekends tends to look like.

Eggs with Vegetables

And finally, to round out this post…Valentine’s Day fun.  First up is what I had for lunch with my parents.  A skirt steak (I think…it was some cut of beef in any case) over some gnocchi.

And finally, the Valentine’s Day sweets.  Chocolate cupcake and some really chocolatey dessert thingie.  This clearly has to be the end of this post because my facility with words is going.

That's all frosting on top of the chocolate cupcake!

Not a very good picture, but extremely tasty. Complete chocolate bliss.

Well, that rounds up this long post that I’m hoping makes up for my lack of posting lately.  I have to figure out a way to be better about posting.  Hope you had fun.



I went through a whole week of not really feeling hungry and now I’m finally feeling hungry.  I have a portion of my version of 101cookbooks baked pasta casserole in the oven right now.  I added some frozen corn and great northern beans to the mix.  While tasty in its original form, I need a little more variety to make it meet my nutritional and taste needs.  It’s a great recipe to modify for your own needs.  I’ve added tuna and corn before, but I’m trying not to overdo my mercury intake, since I did have my tuna version for a whole week just a couple of weeks ago.  I’m sure adding chunks of any sort of meet would be tasty, especially for all you carnivores.  Extra veggies are tasty, too.

Baked Pasta Casserole a la Funny Eater

The meal plan for this week is baked pasta casserole a la funny eater style and some chili.  I’m going to try my hand at the Pierce Street Vegetarian Chili off of 101cookbooks.  (Is anyone else noticing the 101cookbooks theme here?)

My one gripe about using recipes is that grocery shopping ends up taking longer than I’d like because I’m trying to chase down ingredients.  I’m also not a huge fan of having to figure out substitutions when the grocery store doesn’t have what I want.  Thus, I’m hoping that as I build my base of recipes that I can spin off from memory, I can cook more naturally using what I find and what intrigues me during a given grocery store trip.

While I find myself impatient to eat and aggravated at the cooking process, I did persevere.  Evidence of tonight’s cooking can be found below.

Pierce Street Chili with some modifications.

Dinner Tonight

So I forgot to tell you about my escapades with Feisty Green Beans off the 101cookbooks website last night.  It went well.  Other than the fact that I substituted regular paprika for hot paprika and cayenne pepper powder for crushed hot pepper flakes.  Still tastes great.  I also left out the raisins.  Not really interested in eating whatever they use to preserve those things.

More importantly though is dinner tonight.  Recipes and standard plans, while helpful, sort of bore me and seem unnecessarily complicated.  I’m more interested in developing a sense of cooking on the fly.

I wasn’t feeling the two dishes I’ve made this week.  I had them for lunch and dinner the last couple of days.  I wanted something light, but nutritious since I just got back from the gym.  What I ended up with is a noodle soup.

My mom made me some anchovy broth (I think that’s what those little fishies that she uses to make the broth are called in English), which I had in the fridge.  I poured some into a pot and added a splash of soy sauce.  Then I cut up a chunk of the left over tofu from yesterday’s cooking, tossed in some frozen corn, and tore up some of the kale left over from Monday’s cooking.  At the same time, I cooked up fast noodles, which are thin, white noodles that cook in three minutes.  So in about roughly five, maybe more like 10, minutes, I had a protein packed, tasty dinner ready to eat.  Fresh made and hot is what I need on a cold, wet, and snowy day.

Proof that tasty, healthy, and fast is possible!

Fresh, hot noodle soup

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Okay, there is no regularly scheduled programming, but that’s what it feels like.  Back in the swing of things.  Monday rolls around after a holiday weekend and all the holiday coziness just slides right off as I dive straight back into early mornings and long days.

It took me over an hour to go grocery shopping today because I was tracking down ingredients for a couple of recipes that I chose for the weekly food roundup.  I’m pretty sure I had a dazed and confused look on my face as I kept circling around looking for elusive items.

I just finished making Winter Pasta from 101cookbooks.  It turned out a little bit stringy from the kale since I didn’t have a proper blender or food processor to puree everything together.  All I had was one of those stick blenders and that proved to be an ordeal.  I have green colored spatter all over me and half the kitchen now.

This recipe was a gamble on so many levels.  There is the whole I don’t have a blender part.  Then there is the part where I don’t like goat cheese, which is a main part of the dish.  There is also the issue of having to use a milder elephant garlic because all the regular garlic at the grocery store was not remotely acceptable to cook with.

I’d have to say that the dish turned out all right, but I would probably add something to it to spice it up a bit.  Of course, this could be due to the use of the elephant garlic.  I like the creamy texture of the goat cheese but not the taste as much.  I would also ideally want some more variation in the dish.  More vegetables or a solid source of protein.  In an ideal world, I think this dish would be a note in a larger meal with other dishes.  However, being as I am always pressed for time and want eating to be as simple as possible, I try to go for one dish that will take care of all my nutritional needs.

Just after everything was tossed together.