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Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

I really should not be left to my own devices inside the co-op.  I just spent a good chunk of money buying food…well, more like buying sugar.  I’ve been craving sugar and no matter how much I ate of the good stuff, I still wanted sugar.  While I might eat and subscribe to mostly paleo/primal philosophies, I’m not a rabid diet person.  I never have been and never will be.  So if my body is saying something, I pay attention and feed it.

Between the gray weather and this need for sugar, I wandered around picking up things that appealed to me.  I ended up with a couple bars of dark chocolate, agave gummy bears, and a couple of macaroons.  In my defense, instead of buying the whole tin of macaroons, I bought two individual ones.  See?  I do have self control.

Now, I’ve done my short little confessional, I’m going to go eat real food.  I already ate my fill of gummy bears, and a macroon and now I want to eat food that’s not sugar.  See…much easier to do what my body wants than fight it.


Exhaustion Cheat Meal

If you’ve been following along, you know that a little over a year ago I changed my eating style to be more in line with paleo principles. Honestly, I’d like to think that I seek out and eat real foods and don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what I’m eating as long as it’s real food.

I realize I haven’t been around a lot since coming back from my hiatus and I apologize.  Life has been pretty crazy and while I’m taking photos and thinking about blog posts while going about my life, I haven’t had the time to sit and sort things out.

To be honest, I’ve been a bit bored food wise lately, so there is that, too.

I spent all day today packing boxes and moving.  After four trips back and forth, I am pretty much plastered onto my floor without much hope of getting up off the floor for a while.

As a reward to myself (I know, you aren’t supposed to reward yourself with food), I went out to NoNoo Ramen Bar and ordered myself a tonkatsu ramen for dinner.  I would have taken a picture for you, but I was starving.  I practically had drool coming out of my mouth as I drove my fragrant dinner home.  The dish is amazing.  Thick, milky colored pork broth with thick slices of fatty bacon, a soft boiled egg, seaweed, and ramen.  

I know that the ramen is wheat, but it was hand made and excellent.  Every once in a while, I need to make an exception and visit the non-paleo side of things.  Definitely a worthy meal.  Paleo or not, you should have some.

I hope to be back with more exciting news and photos after I’m all settled in at my new apartment.  I’ll be debuting a much, much smaller kitchen, but at least the mini range is a gas one.  1.5 years and I’m out of here.  I can’t wait.

Starving Steak

That title doesn’t make any sense really, but I liked the alliteration and it was a 10 ounce steak that ultimately heeded the call of my starved body when I got home today.


Thanks to horribly vague e-mails, what I thought was going to be a day that ended at 10 AM, 12 PM at the latest, became a day long ordeal that finally ended at 4 PM after I’d been called out for falling asleep during a presentation.  My defense is that I didn’t pack lunch for myself and there was nothing suitable to eat in the windowless dungeon called the hospital cafeteria.  You’d think a hospital cafeteria would actually have something appropriate to eat.  Not so.  Sodas and deep fried nonsense galore.

I managed to survive on water, but just barely.  I haven’t eaten this fast (and I’m a fast eater) in quite some time.  Guess this means I should really stop dragging my heels on cooking in advance and muster up some energy to cook.  Just haven’t really been terribly inspired or motivated.

I’m hoping that I get tomorrow off…fingers crossed.  I still have to show up to find out.  You’d think they’d have gotten good at these logistical things over the years, but it turns out that’s not really the case.

Well, that’s enough ranting for now.  Time to go and digest and get some things done.

Happy Fourth of July to the Americans!  The rest of you should go out and ask for the day off since we’re having a holiday over here.  😛

Getting Back on Track

Between a flurry of graduations, international travel, and a big exam, it’s been a rather hectic couple of months.  After all the craziness, I feel like I need another vacation.  One that involves a beach and absolutely minimal exertion.  Alas, that is fantasy and I live in reality.  So, it’s back to real life.

It might be a bit before you see any food posts since I’m working my way back into the swing of things, but I’m back.  Whatever that really means.

Here’s to optimistic thinking and a smooth transition back.  Hope everyone has been having a wonderful spring/summer.


I hate to officially do this, but I’m taking a break.  A long one.  I promise I’ll be back in June, but life is crazy right now and I need an official break.  I’m parsing down my life to the most important things at the moment and going with that.

So, I love you all, but I won’t be posting anything more until June.  I also will not be reading or commenting on blogs even though I will miss all the wonderful posts and photos that you all put up on your blogs.

Wish me luck.  I’ll see you in June.  In the meantime, have a wonderful spring.


Food Trends and Bulletproof Coffee

The last couple of days have been the kind of days where I’m trying to get out of doing any sort of productive work.  I blame spring time cabin fever.  This year I can’t even just decide to suffer allergies for a couple hours and blow off some steam at the park due to a bum foot.  I guess that’s what I get for acting like a little kid and jumping around at a trampoline class and then forgetting that my foot hurts and continuing to jump off of every curb and step that I see for six plus weeks.  I blame it on my natural instinct to move.  Hopefully, there is something that can be done about this foot.  I really need a good work out.  I get the results of the MRI tomorrow.

You didn’t come here to hear me whine, so onto things about food.  Reading the various blogs that I do and surfing the Internet as I do in the process of procrastinating, I found some interesting connections between food posts put up by some bloggers recently.

  1. Hash – I guess it’s hash season?  Nom Nom Paleo put up a post on Sweet Potato Hash and then I was browsing through Freshly Pressed blogs and found Good Cooks was featured for a post on Eggs on Hash.  I promptly took ideas from the Eggs on Hash post and made this for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. (I apologize for bad night lighting.)Instead of potatoes, I used red onions, zucchini, and carrots in olive oil as my “hash” and those are turkey eggs on there.
  2. Poached-like Eggs – Speaking of eggs, I don’t know what else to call these eggs, but the eggs from the Eggs on Hash post on Good Cooks look just like these eggs on Domestic Diva, M.D.  Yum.

The only thing I can vouch for taste wise is what’s in the picture above, but I’m pretty certain that all of these recipes that I linked to would be tasty.  Just need to find some time to orchestrate it all.  That’s not a promise…I’m not good at keeping blog promises, so I’m not making any.

In other news, I’ve been trying out this idea of Bulletproof Coffee.  Who knew that butter in your coffee could taste so good?  I didn’t.  The only problem is that after poking around the rest of the website, now I’m concerned about mycotoxins in my coffee.  As if I need more things to worry about.

To be fair, the mycotoxin argument makes some sense to me, so I’m not completely dismissing it, but it’s something that is hard to avoid if the claims of how rampant they are exist.  People on Paleo Hacks seem divided over the validity of the whole mycotoxin argument and whether the coffee offered by Bulletproof Executive is in fact better.  The reviews I’ve read are good and I’m tempted to buy a bag, but the 26 or so dollars to buy and ship the coffee to me seem a bit excessive given the current state of my finances.  For now, I’m experimenting with coffees that I can buy at the co-op or off the local grocery store shelves.  More research into where to source coffee around here needs to be done.

As for the effects of the coffee, well for me caffeine is caffeine.  Caffeine in tea or even coffee ice cream will give me the upper effects of coffee.  I do like to have fats in some form in my coffee because I think it evens out the energy high and prevents a bad crash later.  More recently, I’ve discovered that coffee does tend to affect me differently than in the past.  I no longer get the euphoric high that I used to.  I’m not sure whether this is from eating paleo or not, but coffee is just not as fun as it used to be.  If the mycotoxin argument is right, then there is a chance that drinking properly processed coffee will get me back to having that wonderful energy.

Right now, I’m enjoying butter in my coffee and hoping to find coffee somewhere that gives me a high without the heart thumping and slight bump in anxiety.  Either way though, since it’s allergy season and I am taking a long acting antihistamine, coffee is a must.  Coffee is part of my allergy season rituals.  I’m hoping that if I continue eating clean, next year the antihistamine won’t be necessary and I can say good bye to allergy medications for good.  (I’ve been taking up to three allergy medications every spring for the last few years, so I’m really excited about just taking one…so far…fingers crossed it’ll stay that way.)  Then, maybe this whole issue of coffee won’t even be an issue.  I can just sleep right, eat right, and not need this kick in the butt to get going in the mornings.

Welcome to Wednesday, everyone!

Spring Has Sprung

I said I’d be back when it was spring and even though it is not officially spring until March 20 this year, I’m here and writing.  Four days earlier than predicted.  Actually, if you ask me, spring has officially arrived at the end of last week.  Between the beautifully, warm, sunny days and the sneezing (gotta love hay fever), spring is most definitely here.

I’m still trying to shake off the winter doldrums after a day of gray clouds and rain today, but I’ll be back with something soon.  I just have to decide what.

In the meantime, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!